DKG Music, Inc was created in 2001 by music entrepreneurs with diverse and complementary backgrounds in music production, performance, and promotion as well as in marketing and finance. The company’s mission is to sign, develop and release musical artists with unique talents that will make a difference in the music world, with a commitment to artistic excellence as a primary goal. We will achieve this by combining an artist-focused philosophy with our organizational and financial operating strengths.

We will be committed to artistic excellence and integrity. We believe that excellence and commercial success are not mutually exclusive, and in addition, we hold the conviction that integrity and quality of our product will be a competitive advantage.

While we believe that great music needs no categorization, the work of our artists would be described by others in the music industry as crossover R&B and soul. However, our artists bring influences from all over the globe to their music, and the nuances of jazz and the openness of folk music can be felt in much of their work, in addition to sounds from around the world and some contemporary hip-hop elements .

Our company is based in Los Angeles, California with outposts on the East Coast of the US, as well as in London, England. However, we work with artists and other musicians from everywhere in the world in our quest to bring the most creative and inspirational music to you.

We are still under construction.

Enjoy some of the past artists from this label:

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